Haiti Adoptions

Haitan Adoption ArizonaLisa P is currently in Haiti checking on the program and children.
The new adoption system shows great promise and we are open and accepting families at this time!!

Please contact Lisa P if you are interested in starting an International Adoption 623.692.4424 or [email protected]

Haiti Adoptions ,the IBESR (the Central Authority for adoptions in Haiti) has chosen BAF as one of 19 U.S. adoption agencies to continue working in Haiti. We are actively seeking single women and families that meet the Haitian criteria to adopt. Building Arizona Families is very excited to confirm our continued partnership with our local crèche in Haiti, Maison des Anges, (MDA). Our families are always very positive about how welcoming the staff at MDA are and what a rewarding trip they have visiting their children. The goal and mission of the Haiti program is to place as many children as possible, from babies to adolescents, in loving forever families. Building Arizona Families is committed to serving the families and children. We, at BAF, continue to provide humanitarian aid and support family re-unification in Haiti whenever possible.

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Haiti Adoptions

View more pictures from Maison Des Anges, our orphanage in Haiti

Overview of the Haitian Adoption Process

Adoptive Parent(s) Requirements

On Thursday, August 29th, 2013, the Haitian Parliament voted to change the adoption law as written in 1974. On November 15th, 2013 the publication of the New Adoption Law for Haiti were in place. The new law allows families meeting the following criteria to adopt:

  • Opposite sex married couples with at least one parent age 30 and both parents not older than age 48.
  • Five years of marriage OR five years of cohabitation.
  • Families may have any number of biological and adopted children provided they can provide for the
    new adopted child(ren).
  • Family must be financially stable and able to provide for more children.
  • No one in the house hold can have any unlawful activity in their background.
  • Please note that Haiti will not permit same sex couples to adopt.


  • Single applicants age 35 to 48.
  • Single applicants may have any number of biological and adopted children provided they
    can provide for the new adopted child(ren).
  • Family must be financially stable and able to provide for more children.
  • No one in the house hold can have any unlawful activity in their background.

Children Available

Healthy infants and children up to 12 years are available for international Haiti Adoptions. Sibling groups are also available for adoption. Please note, the adoption process give you a referral at the beginning of your adoption so your child could be 12-24 months older when they arrive in your home. The youngest a child may be when they come to your home would be 18-24 months. (Any child found abandoned must wait six months before being deemed eligible to adopt).

Each accredited US adoption agency is permitted to submit one adoption dossier per month. Dossiers are chosen for submission based on the needs of the children in care. Dossiers for children with special needs may be submitted at any time

Most of the children have no permanent health or developmental concerns, but we need families for children with special needs as well. Most children were raised by loving birth families. The effects of drug or alcohol abuse during pregnancy are very rare. Children are tested for HIV, Hepatitis, TB, and Sickle Cell. Haitian children tend to adapt very well to life with their new families. They tend to have very adaptable personalities and are prepared by the staff in Haiti to leave to join their forever families.

Time Frame

The Haiti Adoptions process can require an average of 24 months’ time, primarily because of Haitian legal intricacies. Once an adoption case has cleared the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the process of obtaining an immigrant visa for the United States can take from two days to a week, depending on circumstances. Travelers are therefore encouraged to plan accordingly and to purchase open-ended return tickets whenever possible.


Two trips are required when adopting from Haiti.

After the Haitian government approves the referral of a child, the adoptive family will travel to Haiti for two weeks for a socialization period. Families are encouraged to bring siblings along on this visit. Additional visits are permissible after IBESR approval. BAF will assist with coordination with travel accommodations and a driver. All families stay in a very comfortable guest house on the grounds of our crèche.

Haiti Adoptions Process

BAF will assist you with the considerable amount of paperwork required to adopt a child from Haiti.

Our Haitian partners will process the adoption in Haiti. BAF will assist you in all aspects of the adoption process.


An adoption dossier is a compilation of documents that require various authentication at different levels of government. Your dossier will include a home study conducted by a Hague accredited agency licensed in your state of residence. BAF will provide you with exact directions about how to prepare your dossier and an up to date dossier document list. BAF will help you through assembling your dossier documents, and will take care of the translation and logistical steps for your once it is assembled.


Proposed referrals must be approved by the Haitian government before they can be shared with adoptive parents. Referral information includes as much detail as we receive from our crèche and IBESR.

Post Adoption

Haiti has extensive post placement requirements. Following a child’s placement for adoption, reports must be completed by a licensed adoption agency (typically the same one that conducted the home study) for the first year and then a parent may file a report directly to BAF for eight years. These are sent to BAF and then onto Haiti.

Why Choose Building Arizona Families?

  • We service all families in the USA with a high level of service and communication
  • We take pride in our commitment to break down barriers and help families succeed
  • Experience in Haiti since 2005
  • Hands-on connection to Haiti
  • Dossier preparation assistance
  • Most staff are adoptive parents
  • We put families first

Adoption Fee Schedule

Unless specifically provided otherwise, all fees must be paid before advancing to that Phase and are non-refundable once paid. Building Arizona Families cannot guarantee the performance of the local or foreign entities involved in the adoption process as Building Arizona Families has no direct control over either. Fees are subject to change from time to time and Prospective Adoptive Parent(s) will be notified as soon as possible about such changes or upcoming changes to the fee schedule.

Amount Due
One Child

Amount Due
Two Children

Due Date*

May Include But Is Not Limited To:



With Application

Please make payment to Building Arizona Families

Application and Registration



Within seven days of being accepted into the program

Startup Fee, Signed Contracts, References, Agency Operating Costs, Dossier Processing, Preparation, Legal Expenses, Agency Operating Costs



When Dossier Is Submitted To BAF

Please make payment to Building Arizona Families

Startup Fee, Signed Contracts, References, Agency Operating Costs, Dossier Processing, Preparation, Legal Expenses, Agency Operating Costs



When You Accept Your Formal Referred Child

Please make payment to Building Arizona Families

Dossier Finalization Fees, IBESR Facilitator Fees, Attorneys Fees, Translations, Processing, Orphanage and Humanitarian Donations, Agency Operating Costs, Court Fees, Embassy Fees, Haitian Facilitator Fees, Attorneys Fees, Translations, Processing

Total $23,100**

Total $35,100***

*Order may be disrupted due to receipt date of referral

**This amount does not include items not contained within our Adoption Services Contract such as home study, travel, room, board, medical, adoption/re-adoption, immigration, child’s visa etc. These costs will vary on the services need and the season provided and can be considerable.


Additional Expenses (ESTIMATED)
Paid Directly to Service Provider by Family
For the Adoption of One Child

Fee Estimate

Home Study/Post Adoption Report Expenses

Home Study Estimate
Paid to BAF if service is provided by BAF in AZ;
cost varies by state


Post-adoption/Post-placement Report Estimate
(requirements and cost varies from state to state)
Paid to BAF if service is provided by BAF in AZ;


Adoption Education Courses
10 hours Hague Required
Additional Education will be required for Special Needs Children or at agencies request)


Translation/Document/Dossier Expenses

I-800A (USCIS) Filing fee (per child)


Fingerprint Charge (2 @ $85 each)


Passports (2 @ $135 each)


Document notarization/authentication (cost varies) estimate only


Misc. legal expenses in US (re-adoption, US birth certificate, etc.) varies by state


Pre-Travel Expenses

Round Trip airfare (2 trips for 2 adults, estimate only, cost varies)


Child’s one-way airfare (estimate only, cost varies)


In-Country Expenses/Fees

In-country expenses depend on number of person’s traveling, length of stay, food and lodging choices. Prices are subject to change, prices are estimates only.
Lodging $80/Day for two adults
Food $30/Day
(*Two trips are required but only one parent may travel on second trip)

~$2,800 two adults/20 days/2 trips
$50 X 2=$100

Medical for Child’s Visa – estimate only


Child’s U.S.A. Visa


Incidentals (amount varies depending on family desires and tastes)



Building Arizona Families is a licensed private non-profit adoption agency.

Building Arizona Families reserves the right to determine that it may not provide services.