About International Adoption

About International Adoption

International Adoptions

About International AdoptionInternational adoption is a wonderful way to build a family!  There are many children throughout the world who are in need of parents.  Economic or social issues have led to conditions in some countries where they cannot provide enough homes for their children who are in need of adoption.  Building Arizona Families is dedicated to helping find adoptive families from across the United States who are ready to offer these children a safe, loving, and permanent family.  As a licensed, non-profit, Hague accredited adoption agency, we are able to work with families in any state through our international adoption programs.

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Haiti Adoptions

About International AdoptionThe IBESR (the Central Authority for adoptions in Haiti) has chosen BAF as one of 19 U.S. adoption agencies to continue working in Haiti. We are actively seeking single women and families that meet the Haitian criteria to adopt. Building Arizona Families is very excited to confirm our continued partnership with our local crèche in Haiti, Maison des Anges, (MDA). Our families are always very positive about how welcoming the staff at MDA are and what a rewarding trip they have visiting their children. The goal and mission of the Haiti program is to place as many children as possible, from babies to adolescents, in loving forever families. Building Arizona Families is committed to serving the families and children. We, at BAF, continue to provide humanitarian aid and support family re-unification in Haiti whenever possible.

For more information about a Haiti adoption contact Lisa Peterson, our international adoption Program Coordinator, to learn more about how you can adopt from Haiti with Building Arizona Families, [email protected] or directly 623-692-4424.

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China Adoptions

About International AdoptionWe are currently accepting new applications to this wonderful program. The China Waiting Child Program is a great option for families who might consider a wide range of special needs. There are babies less than 2 years of age with minor/correctable special needs added to the list each month. This is one of only a few adoption programs where families may complete their adoptions in just over a year.

The China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) recognizes the need to advocate especially for children with special needs. Building Arizona Families has partnered with Hand In Hand, working with the CCCWA to find families for children with special needs with our two different programs. One is the Shared List, the other is the Special Focus program.

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Bulgaria Adoptions

About International AdoptionBulgaria is an Eastern European country bordered by Romania, Greece, the Balkans, and with Turkey, forms the bridge between Europe and Asia. Bulgaria also shares a coastline with the Black Sea. The city of Sofia, in the West part of the country, is Bulgaria’s capital. It’s larger cities are quite sophisticated by European standards while its smaller more remote towns and farming villages give the feel of a time long ago. The primary religion of Bulgaria is Greek Orthodox.

Currently, the Bulgaria Adoption program has an excellent process which includes a database of children that are waiting and Building Arizona Families has an agreement with a nonprofit foundation which is approved by the Bulgarian Government to assist in processing the adoption needs of the children living there. We feel privileged and hope to help many waiting Bulgarian children find their forever families.

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