China Adoptions

Welcome to Building Arizona Families China adoption program!

We are currently accepting new applications to this wonderful program. The China Waiting Child Program is a great option for families who might consider a wide range of special needs. There are babies less than 2 years of age with minor/correctable special needs added to the list each month. This is one of only a few adoption programs where families may complete their adoptions in just over a year.

The China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) recognizes the need to advocate especially for children with special needs. Building Arizona Families has partnered with Hand In Hand, working with the CCCWA to find families for children with special needs with our two different programs. One is the Shared List, the other is the Special Focus program.

Request Information


For more information, please contact Lisa Peterson, [email protected] or 623-692-4424

The China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) has modified their eligibility requirements for adoptive families interested in the Waiting Child program. The changes apply to all new applicants.

  1. Age: Parents must be a minimum of 30 years of age and under 55 years of age at the time the dossier is submitted.
  2. Marital status: Parents with prior marriages must have been married to their current spouse for at least 5 years. If neither parent in a couple was married previously, they must have been married a minimum of 2 years. As of March 15, 2011, single women are eligible to adopt special focus children.
  3. Health, Finances, and Other Considerations:
    a. Adoptive parents, married or single, must have a body mass index (BMI) under 40; body mass index is a calculation comparing your weight and height. The National Institutes of Health offers a simple online BMI calculator.
    b. A family member must have stable employment, and families must demonstrate a minimum gross income of $10,000 per household member.
    c. Certain past or current medical conditions and/or criminal records may exclude applicants for adopting through the China Waiting Child program. Please contact Lisa Peterson, [email protected] or 623-692-4424 for additional information if this applies to you.
    d. Parents cannot belong to a religion that forbids medical care such as blood transfusions and immunizations.

Our China Adoption Program & Process:

Building Arizona Families feel it’s important for you to know that China’s Shared List and Special Focus Program is for families open to a child that may have varying special needs. These may be minor, correctable needs such as cleft lip/palate to non-correctable needs, where their family may need to provide on-going medical care. Some children may have already received surgery or other corrective medical treatment in China. Children may also have non-correctable needs, such as Down syndrome or albino pigmentation. Some waiting children are simply older and do not have any special needs.

A family hoping to adopt a child from China must have a completed home study. The matching process may take only a few days or a few months, depending on the children waiting for their forever families and your requests. Once an appropriate match for a child has been made, you will be notified and will have 48 hours to submit the necessary paperwork. Until this paperwork is submitted and the Program Coordinator “locks” the file, there is no guarantee that child will not be referred to another agency or family. This paperwork is sent to CCCWA to be reviewed and approved. If approved, CCCWA will issue a pre-approval letter.

Single women and couples who will consider a slightly older child or a child with more severe and on-going special needs (a child on the special focus list) may receive a match before their home study and dossier are completed. Building Arizona Families works with you at this and every step of the adoption process.

After your dossier and your match are both approved, the CCCWA will send the final acceptance confirmation letter. You will sign this letter and submit your I800 application to US Immigration.

Travel will be scheduled within about 2 to 3 months for a 12 to 14 day trip. This single trip will be where you meet your child and take the steps to complete paperwork in China.

These programs are highly reliable and cost effective. The goal and mission of these programs is to place as many children as possible in forever families. We will be involved in promoting, locating, and securing families who are interested in expanding or building their families through the miracle of adoption. Our supervised provider of the China Special Needs program is Hand-In-Hand adoptions.


Children Available

  • 6 months to 13 yrs old
  • Girls and Boys
  • Mostly children with mild to moderate medical conditions.

Time Frame

  • Dossier submission to regular match 5+ years. Dossier submission to special needs match – 12-18 months.
  • Match to Placement – 4 to 6 months

Travel Requirements

  • One parent must travel to China
  • Length of stay is approximately 12 to 14 days

Adoption Fee Schedule

Type of


Building Arizona Agency Fee $3,300 Application Processing, File Maintenance, Document
Assistance, Dossier Preparation, Coordination of Immigration Work for I-800A
Filing, I-800 Filing for Child, and Pre-Travel Training, Communication, Overnight/Express
Shipping, Phone Calls, Administration, Personnel, Office Overhead, and Hague
Compliance, Coordination with HIH Chinese Coordinator.
Home Study $1,400 This amount reflects the current charge for Arizona
families using BAF for their home study service, includes four, one-hour
visit’s in your home.
Post- Adoption and Finalization Report


The expected total fees and estimated expenses for
the three post-adoption reports as required by China and to be completed by
Building Arizona Families is $1,000 (3 reports at $300 per report + $100
adoption study)
Hand in Hand China Program Fee


Application Processing, File Maintenance, Document
Assistance and Final Dossier Preparation, Administration, Personnel, Office
Overhead, and Hague Compliance; Placement Services, Coordination with Chinese
Government and Chinese Coordinator, CHINA PROGRAM EXPENSES
Coordinator fees, legal services, processing of Article 5, wiring of fees,
and communication and all translations.
China Child Program Fee


on if the child is from the shared list, agency list, or special focus and depending
on the province of residence for the child.

China Orphanage Donation


Payable by the family to the child’s orphanage when
the family travels
Estimated China Program Cost

$23,425- $24,345

All fees are approximate and are subject to change
without notice; a detailed explanation of fees will be provided as well as a
complete contract for all services provided by Building Arizona Families and
Hand In Hand Adoptions.
USCISUSCIS related fees



Visit to verify current costs and to download form. An $85 fee for biometrics is required
for each person 18 years of age or older who lives in the household.
Travel Expenses while in country, Lodging and Airfare



Family’s Travel and Living Expenses in China, Child’s
Airfare one way.
Child’s Medical and Passport:


Payment to Guangzhou coordinator for assistance in
medical process.
Document Verification and Authentication


Estimate $3 per document at Arizona Secretary of State for certification and $25 per document for authentication at Chinese Consulate)
Miscellaneous Document Fees


Miscellaneous document fees to include: Birth
Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Divorce Decrees, Criminal Background Study,
Psychological Evaluation, Passport, Physical/Medical Evaluation for
adoptive applicants

Adoption Education


China requires 12-13 hours adoption education by an
online Hague approved adoption education program.