Bulgaria Adoptions

A Hague Adoption Program

Bulgaria is an Eastern European country bordered by Romania, Greece, the Balkans, and with Turkey, forms the bridge between Europe and Asia. Bulgaria also shares a coastline with the Black Sea. The city of Sofia, in the West part of the country, is Bulgaria’s capital. It’s larger cities are quite sophisticated by European standards while its smaller more remote towns and farming villages give the feel of a time long ago. The primary religion of Bulgaria is Orthodox.

Currently, the Bulgaria Adoption program has an excellent process which includes a database of children that are waiting and Building Arizona Families has an agreement with a nonprofit foundation which is approved by the Bulgarian Government to assist in processing the adoption needs of the children living there. We feel privileged and hope to help many waiting Bulgarian children find their forever families.

There are two possible program options with Bulgaria.

Healthy Child Program

Families may apply to adopt a child that is considered as healthy as possible. That program will require a family to wait longer for referrals; more than a year is typical and for a child under 3 this could take as long as three years.   Because of that, may families choose to work with the special needs program.

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Special Needs Waiting Child Program

Bulgaria has children currently legally available for adoption. Medicals and background information is provided with the referrals. Many children with various special needs from extremely serious to correctable are waiting for families. If you are interested in a particular special need, please contact Building Arizona Families and we can inquire with our foundation as to the availability of a child with a particular need.

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To discuss current waiting children email: [email protected] or call 623-692-4424

Adoptive Parent Requirements

  • Applicants between 25–55 years old.
  • Single women and men (single men will only be approved to adopt a boy)
  • Marital Status Couples married at least one year are welcome to adopt. Each spouse may have up to two divorces. If there is a history of divorce, the current marriage must be two years or longer.
  • Children in Family Families with children are welcome to adopt from Bulgaria. Our Bulgaria program does not place any restrictions on how many children are in the home, but it is subject to your Home Study investigation. The family’s income must support the addition of a child and is subject to a Home Study investigation.
  • Criminal History Applicants can have no history of felonies and no more than two misdemeanors in their lifetime. Applicants should have no recent arrest history, though youthful indiscretion may be acceptable.
  • Medical History Applicants with a past or current diagnosis of a life-threatening or communicable disease or other condition that impairs their ability to parent and/or the quality of life of a child are ineligible. Applicants should be in good mental health and no psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Financial Stability The Bulgaria program requires that a family’s income can support the addition of a child and is subject to a Home Study investigation. The family will need to meet the US Citizenship and Immigration Services income requirement.

Adoption Process

As with any program, you must complete a home study process, be approved by Building Arizona Families and complete your dossier for the country of Bulgaria. We are happy to help you through each step of the process and provide check lists and examples for your documentation. Since Bulgaria is considered a Hague country, your home study must be prepared by a Hague accredited adoption agency.

You will receive information about the child referred for your consideration before you travel, and you’ll be invited on your first trip to meet him or her. After a bonding period, your family will decide to formally accept the referral of the child. If accepted, your family will sign documentation, which initiates the adoption process while in-country.

When you’ve accepted the match, documents will be submitted to the Bulgarian government, which begins the legal adoption process. After the court process has been completed, you’ll be invited to Bulgaria for your second trip and to bring your child home.

The wait time to bring a child home from Bulgaria varies. Depending on the children you’ll consider, their needs, and ages, your wait time to be matched could be one to three years. Families will wait approximately three years to be matched with a child up to 36 months old who is considered healthy by the standards of the foreign country; one to two years for a child three to five years old; and one year for a child six to eight years old. There are many waiting children with individual needs or who are considered healthy but over the age of nine years old.

Travel Options

Two trips, approximately one week each. Only one parent needs to travel on either trip.

Adoption Fee Schedule

Unless specifically provided otherwise, all fees must be paid before advancing to that Phase and are non-refundable once paid. Fees are subject to change from time to time and Prospective Adoptive Parent(s) will be notified as soon as possible about such changes or upcoming changes to the fee schedule.


Paid to BAF

Application Fee due with initial application:

This fee covers the review of the application and entry into our system and is non-refundable 96.40(b)(2)


BAF Agency and International Program Fee (due at home study approval and dossier submission):

This fee covers case management & salaries for agency personnel (Case Managers, International Specialists, Supervising Social Workers, administration and agency staff), operational costs (supplies, office rent, state licensing, COA accreditation costs & fees, training, utilities, shipping & postage, copiers, insurance, maintenance, publications, professional fees, websites,databases & computer programs, contractors, etc.) & program development 96.40(b)(2)

$3,500 at home study approval $5,100 at dossier submission)

Bulgaria Program Fee:

This fee covers document translations, authentication and registration in Bulgaria – attorney representation in court, at Embassy and before the Ministry of Justice –relevant fees for passport and birth certificate – fees for State fees for court and documents – 96.40(b)(3)

Costs for additional medical testing, procedures or reports requested by the PAP are not included in the program fees listed and are the responsibility of the PAP. 96.40(b)(4)

Fees listed below are set by the Foundation and may change depending on the special needs of the child. If a reduction is offered due to special needs, the family and BAF will be notified by the foundation and the reduced fee will be passed on to the PAP.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



For each additional child/sibling the cost is 4,000 EUR. If the foundation offers any fee reductions for each additional child, the family and BAF will be notified by the foundation and the reduced fee will be passed on to the PAP.

(Bulgarian law, Art. 77, par. 3 of the Family Code states that “siblings shall be adopted together in case they have an emotional bond”)



POST ADOPTION REPORT DEPOSIT (due at referral acceptance) REPORTS ARE DUE AT 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. They must be notarized and state apostilled in state where family resides.


A PAR deposit is required for all families who do not pre-pay all required Post Adoption Reports in advance

(Proof of prepayment is required for non-BAF Homestudy Agencies)

This fee may be paid by check, money order, or invoiced thru PayPal, which will add 3%


$250 refunded at 12 months and $250 refunded at 24 months





Home Study Estimate – Paid to BAF if service is provided by BAF in AZ; cost varies by state $1,400-$3,000
Post-adoption/Post-placement Report Estimate (requirements and cost varies from state to state)Paid to BAF if service is provided by BAF in AZ; FEE ESTIMATE PER REPORT $300 – $500 *
Adoption Education Courses (10 hours Hague Required, Additional Education will be required for Special Needs Children) $200- $300
I800a (USCIS) Filing fee (per child) $720 *
Fingerprint Charge (2 @ $85 each) $170
Passports (2 @ $135 each) $270
Document notarization/authentication (cost varies) estimate only $500
Misc. legal expenses in US (re-adoption, US birth certificate, etc.) varies by state $500-$3,000
Round Trip airfare (2 trips for 2 adults @ approx $1500 per person each trip – estimate only, cost varies) $6,000
Child’s one-way airfare (estimate only, cost varies) $1,200 *
In-country expenses depend on number of person’s traveling*, length of stay, food and lodging choices. Prices are reflected in Euro and subject to change, prices are estimates only.Lodging 70-100 EUR/DayFood 50-70 EUR/Day

Transportation to town where child in located 350 EUR/Round-trip with driver, 60 EUR if traveling by Bus

Transportation in city where child is located 10-15 EUR/Day

In-Country Attendant 50 EUR/Day + Lodging, Food, travel

(*Two trips are required but only one parent may travel on each trip)

~1,400 EUR two adults/five days

~1,125 EUR attendant /five days

Medical for Child’s Visa – estimate only $250 *
Child’s U.S.A. Visa $230 *
Incidentals (amount varies depending on family desires and tastes) $ varies


*ALL FEES LISTED ARE FOR THE ADOPTION OF ONE Child – An addendum outlining additional fees will be required for the adoption of siblings or unrelated Children.

For more information on the program please contact Lisa Peterson at [email protected] or 623-692-4424.

Building Arizona Families is a licensed private non-profit adoption agency.

Building Arizona Families reserves the right to determine that it may not provide services.